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[sticky post] Japan at first sight

This is a trip of a lifetime and my super duper uber dream destination. Japan IS the place to be for me.

And I want to relive the sights,sounds, smells, tastes, the feelings of being in Japan at least once in my life.

The following are the series of entries about this amazing trip of mine:

Japan Highlights

Day 1: Himeji Castle

Day 1: More on Himeji and first authentic Japanese food of my life

Day 2: Nara


What I ate in Japan

It's been a looong while since I last posted here. Anyways, to celebrate my "return" to the blogging world, I'll post photos of some of the food that I indulged myself in Japan. So get ready to be hungry hahaha :) Photo spam here we come~

PS. I just realized that I really don't have a lot of food pics during my trip :(
Oh well, NEXT TIME I'll make sure to document everything (yep,there will be another trip soon and I'll make sure of that)

Kakigori on the way to Ginkakuji to ease my exhaustion after an unexpected uphill biking route.

 photo 83e9d80d-e38b-4a42-baaf-ce0519de4ba3_zpsdv6tbbxu.jpg

This takoyaki is really delicious!! I bought this on our last day in Namba and I instantly regretted that I didn't bother to try this even on the first day. The shop is just near Don Quixote and is always teeming with customers but because I had other priorites, I always ignored it. Sighs.
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Day 2 at Nara

So for day two, we went to Nara and explored various temples,fed the deers,and bought souvenirs. What I love about this place is that all the tourist attractions is very close to each other. I'm not bad at walking so I can do all the sites in one day but unfortunately, most of my family don't like to walk so we only visited Kofukuji Temple, Nara Park, and Todaiji Temple.
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So as we went up, this wooden framework of the castle was displayed. It was definitely impressive.
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Day 1: Himeji castle

For our first adventure,we decided to visit the farthest place in our itinerary so Himeji castle it is.

Himeji castle (Himeji-jo) is widely considered to be the number one castle in Japan. It survived wars, earthquakes and fires and what we saw is the original form of the castle.
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